Special Note from LOLR:
Decisions on placing dogs in adoptive & foster homes are based solely on the judgment of LOLR. Adoption or foster applications may be denied for various reasons. LOLR reserves the right to refuse to adopt or foster to anyone without disclosing the reasons, as well as, make all decisions regarding placement or final arrangement(s) of any rescued dog in its care; whether in or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home. Leashes of Love Rescue reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason.

Adoption Process

Expectations When Adopting a Puppy, Older Dog and Senior Dogs

Leashes of Love Rescue does our best to vet all of our dogs the best way possible which is through our foster program.  The dog you are thinking about adopting has been living with a family and the fosters are the best resource for knowledge about the dogs they are fostering in their homes.

We reveal everything we know about the dog to the potential adopters such as any health issues the dog may have or may have had, personality traits the dog has and any issues with the dog the foster may have had with the dog so that the adopters understand completely what their new family member has been through and how they may react under certain circumstances.

Adopting a pet is a major commitment.  Most dogs live can live 15 to 20 years with good care and there are many things to consider when adopting a dog. The what if's for the the future are endless.  However, when adopting a dog, the big life changes to consider are marriage, children, new job, long distance move,  and time, energy and money to care for your pet.  Our adoption applications address those issues because we want to make sure that when you are ready to take on the responsibilty of adopting one of our precious dogs, those what if's are addressed in your decision making.

Adopting a puppy is like having a new baby.  They don't sleep through the night, they teethe, they cry, they are not potty trained, they chew everything and anything and it takes a lot of patience and love to raise your dog through their puppy years which is to about  2 years of age before they start maturing. We want  our new puppy parents to understand that although they are incredibly adorable while puppies, they are an incredible amount of work if you are not prepared.

Adopting a dog that is 2 years or older, most likely have been potty trained, the chewing years are basically over and the dog now is more likely to settle in quickly to their new homes without much difficulty.  Adopting older dogs is still a major commitment that needs to be thought through such as exercise, socialization, play time and health of the dog.

Adopting a senior dog can be an amazing experience.  They tend to be more docile, great companions, and just happy to have an environment to grow old happily  in.  Health issues for a senior dog are not much different than health issues for our senior humans.

Can we do a sleep-over or a trial period?

It does take some time for a dog's true personality to emerge. If there is a dog you really believe you will adopt, you can ask if you can do a sleep over.  We ask for a partial deposit and will do a home check before releasing the dog into your care. We encourage patience  as the adjustment period can take up to two weeks for the dog. We want the dog to become comfortable with you as you are with the dog.  You can also reduce the risk in adoption by making an educated decision. We always encourage potential adopters to visit the dog for as long as necessary, to bring all members of the family (including other fur-kids), and to ask the foster home questions. The more we know about you and the more the foster home shares with you will all help to make a successful adoption.

Leashes of Love RescueAdoption

Fill out an Adoption Questionnaire
We'll have a brief conversation with you to determine your needs and preferences, find out about your daily schedule, and talk about your previous experience with pets.
If applicable, we'll call your veterinarian to ensure that previous pets have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and well cared for.
For renters, we'll check with your landlord to ensure that dogs are permitted and that the dog that you're adopting wouldn't violate any size or breed restrictions.
Lastly, we'll visit your home to see the environment where the dog will live and answer your questions. This is a great opportunity for you to get valuable input on how to integrate your new pet into your home.

Vetting our Rescue Dogs