Special Note from LOLR:
Decisions on placing dogs in adoptive & foster homes are based solely on the judgment of LOLR. Adoption or foster applications may be denied for various reasons. LOLR reserves the right to refuse to adopt or foster to anyone without disclosing the reasons, as well as, make all decisions regarding placement or final arrangement(s) of any rescued dog in its care; whether in or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home. Leashes of Love Rescue reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason.

Our ability to rescue depends completely on foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save. Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. provides: food, vet care, guidance, and other essentials, as well as are responsible for finding the adoptive home.

We carefully match up foster dogs/puppies with foster parents based on what works for your household. Some people choose to foster a puppy or two, or even a litter; others prefer a small adult dog or a large dog.  We work with you to find the best possible match.

Bare in mind that a shelter environment followed by a rescue can be very stressful and traumatic for many animals. In your home they will have a chance to feel safe and secure, to be loved, nurtured, exercised and socialized.

We work hard to find the right home for your foster pet from the moment it is rescued. Foster animals may stay at their temporary homes from a few days to weeks and sometimes even months. It all depends on the animal and the amount of time the foster parent can commit to the process.

Homeless animals come into shelters year round so we are always in need of foster homes. When we take a dog from a shelter, it makes room for the next animal in need. Our foster parents are a critical piece of the rescue process and we are deeply indebted to them for their willingness to welcome new members into their lives. It buys us time to find a new place for the animals to call home.

All we ask is that a Foster Family caring for one of our dogs be responsible for the following:

Providing care and affection for your foster dog - Including socialization, healthy practices, and some basic training.

Keep your foster dog on a leash - even in dog parks - as you learn about their strengths and social skills.

We require your foster dog to ALWAYS wear its identification tag, to ensure its safe return should he/she escape.

Spending a little extra time each day playing with your foster pet so that he/she is well socialized when it’s time to move to its forever-home.

Become a Foster Parent!


It happens. You fall in love with the wonderful dog for which you've been a lifeline after shelter-life. Not to worry - You're in good company. As the foster family, you will usually have first option to permanently adopt your new family member to be part of your lives, for life.